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Great Longing
Great Longing

Created at one of those trying tender times when I was crying and sobbing while letting go of a romantic relationship with my Beloved.

The tender organs in the chest now awaken again to receive the spirit of fresh JOY. Life is renewed! I can breathe with ease, and can take in ,at last, new possibilities and revitalized ways of being. A warm feeling of compassion and caring emerges from the interplay and juxtapositions of the hooded dancing figures, swimming delicately in the space of the heart. I remember vividly crying so much while creating this piece that the water pastels I used merged with my salty dripping tears, spreading my innermost depths of primal feeling and guts raw with a longing for belonging throughout the whole composition. The wetness still seems to glisten, as though this moment just occurred an instant ago, an ocean of remembrance which reminds me even now of these words:

" WHERE HAVE I KNOWN YOU BEFORE? Where have I LOVED you? Where have I HURT you? Where did I LOSE you ? " I remember all of these feelings and places now, and now I know how to find you again whenever this painting comes to light in my mind's eye. ....

" The moment I saw you , I knew . I'd seen the painter of the colors of my mind, reminding me of places I have been. I'm seeing clearer now, the truth unfolds, the past just drifts away. You're back again ,my dearest friend. you never went away."*

*These words in quotes above are taken from a most beautiful song/poem written by Neville Potter, and set on a Chick Corea album over twenty years ago Entitled " WHERE HAVE I KNOWN YOU BEFORE? ", the words dance and flow as follows:


Where have I KNOWN you before?

Where did we play among galaxies bright? Laughing and Dancing, Creating this night.

Deciding the course, to then venture on out; Love, You, Space & I -- free from fear, free from doubt.

Where did I LOVE you before?

Was it just yesterday, or millennia ago When I kissed, touched, and needed you so?

Your face, it's so different-- Yet you're you, still you.

Still glowing and silvery bright, Wondrous Dancingly Bright.

I knew you the moment we entered that room-- That infinite, eternal night.

Where did I HURT you?

Where did I hurt you before?

To hear you say you knew me not, When only you could free me And save me from that tyrant's keep--Defender of the vulcan worlds, That filled my mind with blackened sleep .

Where did I LOSE you before?

Was it when you gave your life To free that Pharoah King?

Or was it when our Golden Mothership took flight Far apart from Saturn's rings?

Was it when we made the pact, Then floated off to violet space- So certain we'd meet on the other side, But there was no such place--no such place. Where have I KNOWN you before? The moment I saw you, I knew.

I'd seen again the Singer of a thousand Songs, That haunted every dream. I'd seen the painter of the colors of my mind, Reminding me of places I have been.

I'm seeing clearer now, the truth unfolds, the past just drifts away. You're back again, my dearest friend -- you never went away. -- Neville Potter