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Happy Clown with Umbrella
Happy Clown with Umbrella

I created this piece in response to my parents returning from Paris one time with a gift of a painting of a clown for me. It was dark-toned, heavy in feeling and the colors not exactly as bright and light as I'd rather see a clown. So I got out my acrylics and turned a sad clown into a happy, sweet and tender one. Features worth noting here include the see-through translucent umbrella and the innocent uplifted smile.

The simplicity of brush strokes and forms evoke a whimsical world of wonder designed to help set free the creative magical child often lost and buried in all of us. As the artist and designer of transforming unwanted to more deeply-desired energies here, I see my purpose is to transform de-dark into de-light, to bring fresh light and renewed joy into an all-too-serious "grown-up" world..