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Our Hands Together
Our Hands Together

The most unusual feature of this clay sculpture is how it came into being. Have you ever been in one of those early stages in a romantic relationship when the affection level is so hot that you and your partner could hardly keep your hands off each other? When even your fingers couldn't help but wander to fondle and caress, flesh meeting flesh -- OOH YES! -- hands squeezing hands oozing with sweet, sexy sweat --both of your hearts throbbing so strong, your chests tingling with the juiciest passion you've ever felt in your life....

These were some of the feelings I was enjoying at the time this piece was about to be conceived ... my lover at the time and I were holding hands so much, I suggested we do something else with our hands than focus just on each other's bodies.

We still rolled our fingers together, squishing deliciously oozy layers of wet clay between our skin's crevices -- our hands and arms slipping and sliding and dancing a new form into being: our hands wound up creating a sculpture of our hands caressing each other's hands; our tender touch and exquisite embrace memorialized forever in this crystallized moment of birth... How sweet the memory that lingers, remembering the Beauty and the JOY behind the Living Principle that everything exists, whether it lasts or passes, to replicate itself in its own beingness.

This reminds me of a song I once wrote while living in restful and green luscious Manoa Valley, in the Hawaiian island of Honolulu (which means "gathering place"), entitled:


I'm grateful for the things that last, And grateful for those that pass. Grateful is this Song I sing, Close to my heart with full presence of wings.

Grateful is the Dance we Dance, Passing through here, our Soul's enhance.

Passing through here, we add Good to this place. Our lasting Visions leading the race.

We're grateful to cooperate, For in Blessing together, Create Beauty in our face.

And Awakening Radiating JOY JOY JOY JOY J O Y !!!!! ... through each other ....