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Sharaad La Charade - Court Jester
Sharaad La Charade - Court Jester

This classic photo of a live court jester, arms outstretched with JOY, painted face smiling with exuberance, captures that contagious Creative Spark I had the pleasure of personifying ( it's actually me underneath that white face ) at the heyday of my troubadour/minstrel career.

Little did I know in earlier years that I'd actually play out such a wild card as this archetypal role this lifetime. As fate and destiny would have it, however, there seems to be no one better suited to portray the Sacred Fool as I have with my unabashedly flamboyant, adventurous life. The stage name "Sharaad La Charade," by the way, was derived from a combining my storytelling persona "Sharaad", which means "caretaker of the Creative Spirit," with weaving all sorts of audience-participatory "charade-like" rituals -- utilizing mime, rhyme, song, dance and improvisational performance art.

One day, I met a singer in the San Francisco area named Talia Rose, and within moments of first meeting, out from her mouth came the most hauntingly beautiful song called "THE MESSENGER." What's so mysterious about her magical composition is that it absolutely grabs the quintessence of the spirit of my soul, and the mythic message inside continues to become more and more true everyday .... YES, Good spells spill forth to last. It's uncanny, as soon as we truly trust following the instinctual path of our own Divine nature -- diving in with every ounce of our whole being to whatever makes our heart SING -- as soon as we demonstrate this courage to take a LEAP-OF-FAITH into the Great Unknown, then and only then do such God-given-gifts as prophecy and higher powers like clairvoyance come to manifest in every sphere of our lives.

When we stop questioning our direction, and cease the need to struggle and effort to survive, there's comes a point when we at last embrace our purpose here is to celebrate all of who we are.

Releasing old patterns of hesitation, we move forward with greater ease. Indeed, the more we recognize that it's okay to enjoy, rather than deny, ourselves the more we can trust feeling good about feeling good from our deepest, innermost core.

As we come to this utter revolution in our thinking, now we can embrace the previously condemned sensual impulses of our innate nature as being of an essential goodness and Divinely Inspired Guidance. We learn to say "YES !" more often, as we practice giving ourselves our own approval; the Force of Intuition then has a chance to grow from within, and we at last begin to think and speak and move with ease and unconditional certainty. As the Shaker song goes," Tis a Gift to be Simple, 'tis a Gift to be Free, 'tis a Gift to come down where we Ought to be" The secret is so simple: Everything exists to recreate itself, which implies that even a little Certainty will pave the way for greater Certainty. The key principle here is "JOYFUL DISCIPLINE" ....Little by little, as we practice honoring those subtle cues and signposts along the way, we train ourselves to listen with great care to the MESSENGERS of body sensations -- they speak to us all the time with levels of language and depths of meaning we have previously ignored and even totally disregarded, up to now.

As we learn to hear our body's innate wisdom, a distinct sense of a Deep Knowing and Inner Authority emerge. We map a kinesthetic landscape that was previously uncharted and unknown.