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Star Fire
Star Fire

This classic piece, created from acrylic paints in the rawest and most primal colors and hues, suggests a bursting forth into fresh possibilities. See how the central form depicts a primordial human shape, with rich red and orange volcanic edges leaping off the body towards cooler green and blue tones and calms surrounding regions of even deeper darker outer space.

I remember the very moments of my fingernails scratching on the canvas--it was almost dawn, I was in my early twenties--awake all night emblazoned with the thrill of having just moved all the way across the country. It was the first time I was truly on my own. The fresh, vital hot excitement of a boy who had just torn away from the security of my parents' nest and was awakening to worlds yet unknown is written all over this canvas.

The electric spark of discovering the edge of an unprecedented era of life, oozing with the eager etched enthusiasm of one entering new birth with artistic abandon--the possibilities are endless, anything can come and merge from this remembered place of unlimited freedom.