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Sufi Prayer Tapestry
Sufi Prayer Tapestry

This is the largest piece I've yet created, and it took me nearly four days of non-stop worship to complete. After discovering a coiled up 4' x 10' length of see-through wire mesh in my basement, I felt moved to recreate one of my favorite Sufi prayers that I enjoy practicing by setting down the actual words and giving them extra life by having acrylic colors and heaps of glitter make the words dance their meaning playfully throughout the entire composition. Although the tapestry lays horizontal on its side in my website gallery, imagine the words of this invocation flowing from top to bottom as follows:

" Towards the One, the Perfection of Love, Harmony & Beauty-- the only Being, United with all the Illuminated Souls to form the Embodiment of the Master, the Spirit of Guidance...."

This is often repeated three times as an introduction to a variety of devotional practices in the Sufi tradition. As an initiated Sufi myself, ( my Sufi name's ELIJAH ), practicing the combination of words, both spoken and in song, with coordinated body movements and breath patterns, brings an integration an attunement throughout my whole being that is empowering and enhances my compassion for all of life.

Somehow, this reminds me of a song that once came through me, perhaps because of all the glitter glowing and light shining from this piece, along with that delicious feeling of radiance that permeates, [ageasnts and parades through my entire body and being, after even a moment of awakening -- whether that be through a good swim or stretch or dance or singing or playing or praying or painting or adventuring or love-making in some form or another.

The song's name is "I AM A CANDLE", and it goes like this:


And you are a flame.

And we are Illuminating...

Glow with all your power, shine your light,

Shed your fears ~ and rise above ~ distinctions so bright.

Show us your beauty, release caring love.

Trust this compassion, links earth with Heaven above.

Reach now ~ and receive, Blessings of Angels;

Touch us, oh please ~ with prayers and gifts of peace.

So lift us together, hear Devotion's part!

It's ours to wake all peoples, fellow players of God.