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Tropical Sunset
Tropical Sunset

"Exotic!" is the word that jumps out when we look at the gorgeous blend of passionate warming yellow and gentle orange and hot red sky tones with deep greens and blue shapes of clusters of tree leaves and plant fauna, all meeting in a lip of liquid sea softly cozied towards the bottom left corner of our scene. The vital elements of earth, water, fire and air meet and merge in such a pleasant manner here that depth of field dissolves in a delicious dance where colors themselves become forms, and forms touch with the gentlest subtlest contrast of textures. Look, each shape depicted by a slightly different color has its own special definition of unique lines and curves and mass. Yet the overall effect has our eyes swimming in a circular arc throughout the entire composition.

What a sensual feast to delight our sense of vision in such a way that the primal elements of life itself keep drawing us in to an ever deeper view of that exquisite beauty that we all too often see outside of ourselves, that sacred luscious pilot flame burning molten from our innermost core.

Here is a GUIDED VISUALIZATION for you to enjoy :

Breathe in this full palate of colors and forms, and feel your own sense of Inspiration awake -- feel it glowing from within the center of your heart…. Envision the image of sunrise lifting in the horizon of the morning sky every time you breathe in fully into your chest, and picture what qualities you are ready to take in to your life as you practice receiving fully what you most strongly desire and deserve. And as you Breathe out, feel the air cascading out of your lungs with the image of waters falling long and deep. Each exhalation, picture a parade of colors streaming into all areas of your body, life and emotions that need attention, balance and nurturing. As you exhale out the old air, imagine old ways of being which are no longer needed and wanted pouring out of our system-see and sense dark and heavy colors leaving you.

"Out with the old, in with the new-all the way out, all the way through!"

More room for you !! From now on, whenever you breathe in also allow yourself to take in the brightest and most enlivening colors. Feel the exquisite dance of the breath, sunrise following sunset, fires rising and waters falling, while you practice fully receiving and fully releasing with your body as the instrument and you as the painter.


Remember, with each and every moment, to view each inhale as a sunrise... As your chest lifts easily and effortlessly, without questioning or hesitating, with every in-breath you make, visualize the sun lifting over the horizon in the morning sky. Whenever you breath in, from this conscious moment on... with each minute movement you create, sense the truth behind these words ITALICIZED IN BOLD LETTERS above.

As colors coalesce into shapes you begin to recognize in the movie screen of your own mind, see your greatest Vision of all you are ready to create Rise and Illuminate the path emerging for you.