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Watercolor Dancer
Watercolor Dancer

Inspired by a dear friend (and wonderful dancer) who is no longer alive, this piece depicts the joy and beauty of fluid movement as shown by the central dancing figure. Look carefully and you can see the dancer move through three distinct positions and with the soft gentle magic of the water colour medium, these three staggered movements blend together all at once, thus giving the impression that even boundaries between past, present, and future can dissolve and meet in a single brilliant instant.

Here where time itself appears to disappear, the central blue body is juxtaposed between two opening nets -- a brightly edged red one that seems to suspend itself, gravity-less round the hips and a yellow pyramid- shaped crown pulling the energy upwards. Our dancer appears simultaneously to be delicately and dynamically posed and poised in between layers of heaven and earth, just like the spirit of my friend, Stardancer, who inspired me to bring this vision of fantastic fragility to life..


Inside is a dream, Inside you is the answer; how you weave your separate themes -- together.

NOW TELL US PLEASE THE DANCER, how you know your heart rings true. With your lines and sharp clear movements, tell us how we can see you. With your own WORDS MOVE SO SMOOTHLY, See your Visions rise & shine. See the DANCER -- inside you -- Dancing all kinds of Answers, TURNING Questions to FIRE SUBLIME -- one more time!" *

* The words above come from a song of freedom I wrote in my early twenties, entitled " INSIDE YOU IS A DANCER ". Juxtaposed here with the flowing image of WATERCOLOUR DANCER and the memory of my friend always struggling for answers, this poetic piece has more meaning now than ever.

As you adventure through the pieces in this Gallery, may you discover all kinds of ways to Empower your Deepest Dreams to Awaken, and Move your Highest Visions to Greatest Life .

This is our greatest passion and our deepest commitment, to co-create with you combining the colours and currents of creativity so you clarify your celebrations with certainty.

...Now it is your turn, come....

P A I N T Y O U R D R E A M S A L I V E!!