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Dancing Dervish Kimono ~ Winter
Dancing Dervish Kimono ~ Winter

Designed with the theme of the "WHIRLING DERVISH," this dancing image  may remind you of any male or female that you know who absolutely loves to move their body. Here you can see a multi-coloured image spinning, turning inwards towards the inner Beloved ~ moving with the delight and rapture of a traditional Sufi "whirling dervish"

What a delight to wear this exotic array of colours as a robe, for even in stillness the contrast of bright colours on the black background is moving to the eyes and the senses. I felt inspired to create this piece out of my connection to the creativity and joyful celebration of life inspired by the Sufi tradition, also out of my love and devotion to movement itself that has put me in touch with all that is sacred in living life to the fullest. 

The season that this kimono batik robe is meant for is WINTER, and although it can be worn during any season, the contrast of the bright colours of the dancer with the black background is meant to awaken a sense of freedom, new possibilities and connection with one's inner lover and beloved...

Price: $149.97