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King David & his Harp
King David & his Harp

Inspired again by the joyful, warm-colored devotional themes of my favorite artist, Marc Chagall, I created this oil pastel modeled after one of his paintings to bring myself closer to that quality of reverence for life itself.

Looking at this composition carefully, you can see that the lines of King David's fingers and strings of his sacred instrument meet and melt and merge with each other. Even his head bowed in prayer and red shirt and patches of sky and mountain in the background all coalesce with such fluidity that an overall feeling of oneness and interconnectedness with all permeates the entire scene.

When I look inside and sense the effect this piece has on my body and my being, I feel a soothing warm tenderness around my chest and heart and rushes of cooling whispers of gentle, caressing winds. As I go even deeper still, I can almost hear a deep peaceful angelic melody calling all of us to listen for Guidance coming from within.

Have you ever walked upon a melody or a song, when only a moment before there was seemingly just silence? Check this out: the next time you find yourself making a repetitive movement and sound -- especially in places like a shower or walk in the woods where you can really let yourself go without distractions -- let yourself allow these patterns to grow larger and louder until a natural rhythm begins to take over.... ....After a surprisingly short while, the sounds may move through the realm of the ridiculous and nonsensical, and you may recognize beyond the supposed gibberish a felt sense that's strangely familiar... like a message from deep inside you've been waiting to hear and voice for a long time. Feel the cadence and momentum build until words and motions naturally weave together a song that begins to surface and speak through you.

Even though you may never have written a song in your life up to now, it's in you. As the great artist Michelangelo said, " I saw the angel in the marble, and I chiseled until I set it free ".We all have treasures of expression buried within the often undiscovered landscape of our own human body, vast frontiers and abilities of perception which are buried inside us for ages ~ all waiting to be unearthed by the intermingling of the forces of devotion and utter play.

Each of us, in our own special way, has a gift inside that is here to be unlocked, fully voiced and set free -- whether that be through singing or dancing, speaking or listening. And our body is the vessel, our chief vehicle as long as we are alive, to fine tune as our most specialized instrument of communication. How can you bring your own special song to life? Many of the songs I have written were composed in exactly this way.

Through allowing the body to follow its natural impulses to turn this a'way, twist that a'way without censoring even the minutest movement and letting murmuring sounds bubble up from the unconscious guts and muscles to the conscious layers without shutting of their instinctual flow, the force of intuition naturally grows from within just as messages, melodies and movements pageant and parade powerfully, profusely and playfully through our very skin.