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Mother & Child
Mother & Child

This classic theme of nurturing and caring and warmth was consistently most popular among the natives to whom I showed this piece as I traveled while creating devoting a whole month to creating art on the magical, mysterious and friendliest of islands -- Bali, Indonesia in 1995. The family values of tenderness and affection shown here between the deep blue -- robed mother and her child nuzzled against her chest are accentuated by the simple, sweet heart also sitting there.

Together, the nestled paints are further protected within a womb-like shell which rises toward the heavens, ribbed with three red-orange colored rays which add a fiery element stemming out of a cape which surrounds the woman's head. At the lower right hand corner glows a multicolored star of David, which is to honor the Jewish faith that I was born into and also a tribute to those family bonds and roots which bond all of us together in the spirit of universal worship.

The more you look at the patterns of movement dancing in both color and line, the more the entire painting moves and appears to come alive.