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As a transformational presentation coach, I am dedicated to maximising the impact and effectiveness of professional and developing speakers in delivering their message with the greatest of ease, connectedness and full physical presence with audiences, on all stages of their lives.

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Known for his refreshing, interactive, outrageously playful and sensitive audience-participatory style, Dr Gary has an extraordinary ability in creating a safe and supportive atmosphere through which participants easily awaken their authenticity and learn body-centred tools to immediately put into practice to further develop their own unique, natural style of presentation delivery

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Vitalise your LIVE presentations and add sizzle, substance and soul to your physical presence and delivery by following the easy-to-practice principles demonstrated in this interactive workbook.Designed by Master Presentation Coach & Executive Corporate


While developing and refining his therapeutic modality since 1973, Dr Gary has added further areas of expertise - as transformational presentation coach and court jester - to accompany the muscle stretching with uniquely integrating affirmations ~ spoken out loud, in rhyme, in whisper, in song. By reaching his clients through as many senses as possible simultaneously - including breath, sound and visualisation - patterns of perception and expression shift dramatically.
The effect is synergistic - deepening your partnership with yourself, transforming your relationship with yourself and others, while giving you new skills for enhancing your personal and professional life.
Within all of his training programs, short courses, and individual healing treatments, Dr Gary expresses a dedication to free stored energies on three levels ~ Physical, Emotional & Creative ~ to revitalise, re-awaken and transform people's lives on as many levels as possible.
Along with his services in transformational body therapy and presentation coaching, Dr Gary facilitates "Awakening Creativity" sessions, Master classes and retreats to assist people in re-connecting with our most passionate purpose ~ inspiring us to take a stand and lead more communicative, empowering, expressive, joyful and fulfilling lives.
The following products add further support for the services described above, and are all designed to enhance the results you get from any ongoing daily practice of self-care, improving your presentation skills and awakening your fullest self-expression.