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Healing ArtListen to 'Get up, stand up for your life' audio review
This is a "specialised form of transformational body therapy that integrates affirmations spoken, whispered and sung in rhyme ~ to catalyse optimal physical, emotional, and creative release. 

Many people who experience my work enjoy dramatic, swift and long-lasting shifts in their relationship with their body, with themselves and with significant others in their life -- along with freeing their ability to speak up with ease in situations where they've previously held back communication.

Almost everyone that works with me awakens a clarity of thought, physical vitality and fulfilled emotional presence they haven't felt in years -- which also accompanies a renewed radiance of joy, enhancing one's partnership with self and others..."

In this section, you will have access to products to enhance your fullest expression of aliveness, including:  training programs (especially the popular "Affirmations to Enhance Your Partnership with Yourself" CD), an interactive website-based password-protected training manual to enhance your effectiveness with clients, and a "Well~Being Support" area where you can download Easy Stretching Exercises, Muscle Stretching Affirmations and Inspirational Pieces.

Dr Gary Wohlman has participated in hundreds of training programs. Rather than embracing any one particular doctrine, Dr Gary has created a unique, gentle method of enhancement that can be adapted to almost everyone.

His delightful, friendly presence and non-dogmatic approach refresh his clients. He has been quoted as saying that "instead of insisting on being seen mainly as an authority himself, his focus is rather on bringing out the inner authority and sense of knowing that his clients already possess."

This could explain his popularity among other therapists. When they find out occasionally that their single hammer is not enough, they go to the man with the whole box of tools.

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