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Visual Art Catalogue: Artwork - BATIK Kimono Robes

Artistic Kimono's

These are our most popular styles of kimonos available, chosen from the artist's original designs. If you prefer a design of your own personally made for you, send us the image you wish to have on a kimono and specify whether you prefer the background to be black or white or in a particular colour.

The kimonos are available in silk for AU$250, or in rayon at the special price of only AU$150. Shipping and handling (S/H) charges are additional, based on what method you prefer we send your shipment. Please allow 4-6 weeks delivery time.

View these unique pieces below. For a large picture please click on the image and it will reload in a new window.

HUG Kimono ~ SpringDesigned with the theme of the "HUG," you can see here two lovers embracing as one --surrounded by the waters of life flowing through them -- on the back of this original art-to-wear kimono, I felt inspired to create this piece also out of my loving th

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Mother Child Kimono ~ SummerHere we see the theme of "MOTHER & CHILD," and the image reveals a mother "neck to neck" with her little one, with warm red and yellow colours surrounding their embrace, the mother holding her child close to her in a flowing blue coloured robe. The theme

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Muse Of Art Dance Kimono - AutumnDesigned with the theme of the "MUSE OF ART & DANCE," here we see a full-bodied volup[tupuis dancer, with arms outstretched, filling the back of the black background of this batik kimono. Whoever wears this robe may find themselves feeling like dancing w

More Information - Buy Now
Dancing Dervish Kimono ~ WinterDesigned with the theme of the "WHIRLING DERVISH," this dancing image may remind you of any male or female that you know who absolutely loves to move their body. Here you can see a multi-coloured image spinning, turning inwards towards the inner Beloved

More Information  |  $149.97  |