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Tribute to Picasso ~ Two as One
Tribute to Picasso ~ Two as One

This cubistic-looking collage of faces within faces was created with oil pastels as a dyad painting. How a dyad painting is created is like this: two people take turns to fill in the at-first blank scene, following their first writing their names or simple words of key themes they are dealing with together. The effect that is created is nearly always a gorgeous (or, at least unusual) multicolored mosaic that takes on the appearance of a stained glass window.

Often themes within themes appear and characters, faces and bodies, emerge as through from thin air, and nearly always reveal underlying patterns of flow and conflict, warmth and coldness, by the way the myriad of colors and shapes take on a world of meaning of their own. An additional pleasant effect or this blending of two personalities is the bonding that takes place as each participates in creating something special together that is greater than themselves apart. You might want to explore this with someone you are close with, or wish to grow closer to. Bring out your inner magical child and play!